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E-Safety Council



E-Safety is an area of modern day life that all schools and local authorities in the UK are constantly reviewing, learning about and adapting to. With the every-day expanse of the digital/online world, safeguarding can be challenging not just in school but also in the home. Whereas the World Wide Web has opened up many new and exciting resources for learning, communicating and creativity it has inevitably created concerns for schools regarding the vulnerability of young people and their exposure to the Internet - at home and at school.

At Tweedmouth Community Middle School we have invested in a wide spectrum of devices in the classroom to give our students a diverse experience of the exciting advances in technology platforms, from iPads to Android devices and Chrome Books to Windows PCs giving children a firm understanding of technology and a valuable array of information & educational resources.

To address E-safety concerns there is an E-safety council in place at this school that meets regularly to discuss the subject of E-safety and online safeguarding issues. The members of the E-Safety council are a collection of teachers, administrators, school governors, tech support and the E-safety official for Northumberland County Council. At these meetings we discuss and plan any concerns/improvements regarding E-safety, methods to deliver information regarding E-safety to pupils and parents, recent government training/guidelines, policies and general information about the subject.


If you as a parent/carer would like to raise any E-safety concerns or if you would simply like to learn more about protecting your child whilst He/She is online then we would very much like to hear from you so please get in touch with school.


To list some of the resources, precautions, security systems that school, in conjunction with Northumberland County Council have  in place whilst your child is online in this school and are used to protect school data are as follows.


  • Sophos Enterprise Antivirus
  • AB Tutor Classroom Management
  • Web Content Filtering and tracking through NCC
    • Lightspeed Rocket (Linked to Active Directory for authentication)
    • Lightspeed Mobile Device Management
    • Futures Cloud - Forensic Monitoring software
  • Group policies for students (Active Directory Domain - Microsoft Windows Environment)
  • Sophos Safeguard Data Encryption
  • Confidential, individual user accounts for all devices with internet access
  • Secure wi-fi encryption
  • School Policies including use of mobile devices, acceptable use, social media and data management policy
  • Delivering E-Safety advice, education and information during lessons and assemblies
  • Having designated personnel  E-Safety/ICT Co-ordinators for reporting/raising E-safety concerns (Mr B Hulbert)
  • Automated data back-up with redundancy copies rotated weekly and locked securely away from the current back-up 
  • Dedicated onsite ICT Technical Support team (Mr Simon Bough - Mr Jonathan Hutchinson)
  • E-Safety Council


Useful links for parents to E-Safety resources and information


Social media and online concerns