Tweedmouth Community Middle School

Remote Learning

Following current government guidelines, when pupils are self isolating they must have immediate access to remote learning.


At Tweedmouth Middle School we have set up classes on Google Classroom where teachers have uploaded lessons for pupils to work through at home.  The classes are called “5/6/7/8 Learning”.  Once we are aware that your child is self isolating we will invite them to join the class for their year group where they will be able to access their work.

We recommend that pupils look at their timetable in their planner and use this to guide them to which subjects they should complete work for.


If you require additional work for your child I would recommend that you visit either:





These websites have online lessons for every subject; simply select the current year group for your child and the daily lessons will appear.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free resource available on phones, tablets and computers.  With internet access, all pupils should be able to access their work using their usual school log in.

If you are accessing lessons on Google Classroom using a phone or tablet then you will need to have downloaded the Google Classroom app to the device.  If pupils are accessing Google Classroom using a PC or laptop then they simply have to go to “”.

In order for pupils to log in to their account they need to include “” after their username.

 Some instructional videos on how to use and navigate through Google Classroom can be found on YouTube here


If you still have issues accessing the lessons then please do not hesitate to contact school



Remote Learning Statement and Policy January 2021