Tweedmouth Community Middle School

Exclusion Information


Where it is obvious that the use of the schools consequence system outlined in the behaviour policy is not having the desired effect in modifying a pupil’s behaviour, further contact will be made with parents to invite them to a meeting to discuss how we can move forward with their child’s behaviour; this will be done, initially, by the Head of Year with support of the SLT.  In extreme cases, pupils will be referred to the Headteacher where internal exclusion or fixed term exclusion from school may be needed.  As a school we view all exclusions both internal and fixed term as a last resort, and work hard to keep pupils in school, learning.

If a child is going to receive a fixed term exclusion then school will contact parents and ask them to collect their child from school straight away.  A pack of work, which must be handed in upon their return to school, will also be sent home with the child.  Parents will receive a letter from school stating the reason for the exclusion, the length of the exclusion, the date and time of the reintegration and giving them the right to appeal the decision.  Pupils cannot return to school before a reintegration meeting takes place.  At the reintegration meeting SLT, parents and the child will agree a course of action moving forward.  As part of their reintegration to school, pupils will spend one and in internal exclusion and then one day in the learning room, before they return to lessons.