Tweedmouth Community Middle School



Pupils at TCMS will enjoy a broad and ambitious music curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge, which will ignite their curiosity and prepare them well for future learning or employment. Our music curriculum will give pupils the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of music, through performing, composing and listening. It is designed to develop self-confidence and a sense of achievement through performance (in lessons and through extra-curricular participation), encourage creativity through composition skills and encourage personal development through ensemble performances and group compositions.


We hope that music, whether formally or informally, will play an important role in the lives of our pupils as they grow older and by learning to appreciate music at school age they will be able to revisit music/musical instruments throughout their life.


Music Lunchtime Clubs

Monday - Singing

Tuesday - Guitar

Wednesday - Music & Jamming

Thursday - Drumming

Year 6 Samba Composition

Year 6 have been learning about music from Rio de Janeiro.  The children then composed their own Samba following Samba form: Into, Main groove, break, Main groove and outro. (Please click on the Media player directly beneath to hear the Audio file)

Year 7 Lullaby

Year 7 Lullaby, year 7’s were exploring night music, they played the lullaby as  a four part  class performance on a verity of different instruments.

Pupils warming up and Jamming in the Music room before putting some tunes together

Pachelbel's Canon

Year 8's rendition of Pachelbel's Canon


Curriculum Overviews

Year 5 Music Autumn Term

Year 5 Music Spring 1st Half Term

Year 5 Music Spring 2nd Half Term

Year 5 Music Summer Term

Year 6 Music Autumn Term

Year 6 Music Spring Term

Year 6 Music Summer Term

Year 7 Music Autumn Term

Year 7 Music Spring Term

Year 7 Music Summer Term

Year 8 Music Autumn Term

Year 8 Music Spring Term

Year 8 Music Summer Term