Tweedmouth Community Middle School


We believe Geography helps you:

to understand the environment at local and global scales

to know your world through fieldwork

to make wise decisions that balances the environment and development concerns

to develop a wide range of skills such as presenting arguments or map skills

to understand other cultures in UK and throughout the world

to know where places in the world are




Geography Curriculum Overviews

Year 5 & 6 Curriculum Overviews

Year 5 Geography Autumn Term

Year 5 Geography Spring Term

Year 5 Geography Summer Term

Year 6 Geography Autumn Term

Year 6 Geography Spring Term

Year 6 Geography Summer Term

Year 7 & 8 Curriculum Overviews

Year 7 Geography Autumn Term

Year 7 Geography Spring Term

Year 7 Geography Summer 1st Half Term

Year 7 Geography Summer 2nd Half Term

Year 8 Geography Autumn Term

Year 8 Geography Autumn/Spring Term

Year 8 Geography Spring/Summer Half Term

Year 8 Geography Summer Term