Tweedmouth Community Middle School

Ski Trip Pila 2018


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Scott Middlemist

Reflecting on our trip, it has once again been a massive success. Everyone has experienced highs and lows but ALL have battled through and come away with huge smiles on their faces. Not only have your children learned a new skill in skiing but they also come back more confident and perhaps even a little bit more organised (we'll some). As party leader I was over the moon seeing the progress that they all made during the week and the tales of their days on the slopes.
Can I take the opportunity on behalf of your children to thank you all for giving them this fantastic opportunity that they will remember for the rest of their lives.
Finally I must thank my staff, Miss Steele, Mrs Beveridge, Mrs Ritchie, Stevo and Robbie.... I am indebted to them all as they have played a huge role in the success it has been.... I could not do it without you!!!

(In this final post I would invite parents to comment as feedback on our trip and this group are greatly appreciated)

Enjoy your half term.


Thank you.

Mr M

Bowling was a big hit as you can see. Winners were Anton, Lewis, Leo, Corey and a tie between Ashley and Ewan. The shock winner between the staff was Stevo as pre tournament favourite Mr Middlemist was out of sorts.
Back at the hotel now, some children are shattered and away to bed, the rest will be following shortly so batteries are recharged for another day on the slopes. Goodnight from Aosta. Mr M