Tweedmouth Community Middle School

Anti-Bullying Information

Notice to Pupils & TooToot Information, If you are worried about something in school, at home or in your life in general, then please talk to a member of staff about it in confidence. Keeping something to yourself and not sharing it with us won't always make the problem go away or make you feel better - we are here to help.

You can also use our tootoot "Make a noise" account to make your feelings known by clicking on the following link and logging in.

If you have a problem logging in to your tootoot account please ask Mrs Ritchie for further information.

Anti-Bullying Key Personnel


  • Mr B Hulbert - Head Teacher & Anti-bullying responsibility SLT
  • Mr S Middlemist - Deputy Head Teacher
  • Mr C Barber -  Assistant Head Teacher
  • Mrs M Ritchie - Anti-bullying & TooToot Co-ordinator

To View our Anti-bullying policy please visit the policies page here